The events that led me to discover my passion for personal growth as a high schooler and create my own Medium publication

Submission guidelines for The Personal Growth Project

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Welcome to The Personal Growth Project!

We are a publication centered around…you guessed it, personal growth!

Use these to set your life up for genuine happiness

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Building the Foundation for Happiness

In order to feel true and consistent happiness, you must start with a solid foundation. Without a solid foundation, any happiness you experience will be fleeting…

A message for anyone who feels hurt, alone, or doubtful of their future.

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It’s easy to feel peaceful when things go right.

Anyone can be happy after a good day.

But what about the times when nothing seems to go right?

What about the times when grief hits?

…and no, this isn’t just about increasing your Medium stats

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But Why?

Because a lot of…

Avigail Laing

High school student writing about personal growth, happiness, productivity, and spirituality.

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